The Beginings Of A Reborn

First of all, baby has a lovely Johnson's bubble bath  with micro glass beads and fibre fill, then sealed so there will be no leakages. The bodies are filled with pouches realism. I make all my own disc bodies with my name containing glass beads, baby fat and soft fibre dfill to add weight and softness. Babies heads are rooted with soft mohair which i get from America. It is rooted 1 to 2 strands at a time then sealed with waterproof glue so that it can be dampened and gently styled. I fill the head with glass beads and fibre fill so that when you pick baby up its head will need supporting.There are strong magnets in the head for pacifiers and hair decorations. and then it is down to work. All my babies are are painted with translucent layers of  Genesis heat set paints that will not fade or  rub off. All their little creases and veins are  placed   to add to the embroidered on them. The babies limbs are filled "SO PLEASE BE CAREFULL AROUND PEOPLE WITH PACE MAKERS  AND ELECTRICAL ITEMS". These magnets can be removed if you wish. "THESE BABIES ARE NOT TOYS BUT AN HEIRLOOM TO TREASURE FOR MANY YEARS TO COME".


Every detail from nail tips ,toes, hair and veins are placed to add to the realism to create the baby.